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Guesthouse Niviarsiaq

Niviarsiaq offers two different options: guesthouse and youth hostel standards of accommodations. The house has an amazing view and you can relax on the large terrace and watch the icebergs float by in the fjord.

Guests opting for youth hostel style accommodation can cook their own meals in one of the three kitchens and unwind in the large dining room/TV lounge. There are three shared toilets and bathrooms. Breakfast can be booked with the rooms, and is served at Restaurant Klara, just 150 m away.

All rooms in the guesthouse have a TV.

 Youth hostel
 Room with 3 bunk beds
 Room with 4 beds
 Double room with 2 beds
 Double room upgrade

 Double room with linens
 and breakfast
 Single room with linens
 and breakfast


175 dkk  
275 dkk  
275 dkk  
85 dkk  
175 dkk  

795 dkk  
695 dkk